Singing at Zizi's

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Alex Boye', a friend of mine was down from the States over the weekend with his wife and baby girl (Still don't know how he produced such a good looking kid, definitely his wife's doing). A bunch of us ended up going to Zizi's restaurant on the Strand for dinner and a catchup. Alex is a singer so I kinda had the feeling that at some point the night was gonna turn into a episode of GLEE. It did. My friend Va was on hand with her WinkBall flip camera's to capture the wrongness! I'm suprised the manager didn't throw us out! In fact, all the staff really liked it! Maybe they should think about in house entertainment to accompany the fine food... that ones for free Zizi ;). What can I say, you can't take us anywhere!

Here's a clip of Alex and Richard singing "This is how we do it":

And here's embarrasing clip of me singing "If I ever fall in love":


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