The Karate Kid Premiere: Leicester Square

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I went to the the Karate kid Premiere at the Leicester Square Odeon yesterday with Linda, Ryan and his wife Dena and all I can say is wow! It seems that the Smiths really know how to put on a show for their guests and fans! I had been to Will Smith's Seven Pounds Premiere the previous year and It was quite the spectacle, but no where near this! Now, I don't consider myself as famous because... I'm not! However walking down the Red Carpet this time I had something that I never had! Yes I had fans! These people had absolutely no clue who I was or what I did. A group of girls shouted to me asking if I was with anyone. Linda prompty presented herself resulting in them giving off a huge sigh. I was actually filming with my phone at time.

Jayden has too much style for his own good, which was evident during his interviews (something he no doubt gets from dad). Jackie Chan was incredibly funny and humble as always. After all the guests had arrived and were inside the cinema, the real entertainment began.

First off they had a karate kata demonstration after which they had a Karate v Breakdance battle! It was incredible!

After that there was a traditional chinese procession in the cinema:

and them we heard from the producers, director and actors:

The film was suprisingly good. I grew up with The Karate Kid and was afraid they might murder a classic. Although not as powerful as the original, director Harald Zwart managed to get some strong and at times touching performances from his actors. The film won' t win any oscars for the screenplay, but there is a healthy balance between the action and the and character development, which helps the film arrive at it's 2 hours and 15 minutes without making you want to pass out or run for the exit. The cinematography is beautiful as is the photography, especially when they visit the provincial regions of China. Jayden Smith exhibits a cockiness and vunerability that at times is reminicent of Ralph Macchio, and is able to drop the funnies when needed just like his dad. Jackie Chan plays Mr Han who is Noriyuki "Pat" Morita's replacement. I'm glad that they decided to change the name, even if it was only because they filmed in China. There's only one Mr Miyagi! Something that got me a little was the fact that technically the filmed should of been called the Kung Fu Kid seeing as that is the art practiced in the film and it is based in China, but somehow I got over it.

On the whole a well executed remake that stays true to most of what really mattered in it's predecessor. Watch it!


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