Evolution & Tinie Tempah

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I love music. If it sounds good and has a strong enough statement to make, I'm with it. The evolution of the music scene has always been an area of interest for me. It's life long struggle to challenge the established order, honestly communicate and conventionalize, whilst trying to remain popular and maintain secular security is a good example of the whole, "to know where you're going, you must first know where you've been" ideology. It's a juggling act that has lead to some interesting amalgamatic eras of music!

We all have our favourite genres and artists. I myself am partial to a little Luther Vandross from time to time. I grew up with his music playing constantly in the house, the guy was practically a member of the family. The music scene has changed a lot since then, and lately I've found myself listening to Tinie Tempah, whose experimental fusion of electro, grime, drum and bass, hip hop, rock and even indie make him a perfect representative of a child born to the 'struggle' I mentioned earlier.

A lot of people had been raving about him but I had no clue who he was until about three weeks ago! Don't get me wrong, I'm up to date with my music (at least, I think I am!), but this one seemed to slip under the radar. I began to wonder where I'd been for the last ten months! The guy's everywhere! I later realised I knew a lot of his tracks without knowing he was the artist behind them, which gave me a small measure of comfort.

Being a creative, I really like the dynamic direction Tinie has taken both in his advertising and music videos. I've gleemed a lot of ideas from them and look forward to developing some of them in my own work in the near future. Below is the music video for "Pass Out".

This post is getting kinda long, but before I jet, if you are into Tinnie Tempah, WinkBall have been following his 2010 'Disc-Overy' tour across the UK. It's a cool way to find out what the people are thinking. You can find a link to the tours main page below:

Tinie Tempah UK Tour 2010 on WinkBall


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