Unfortunately, Size Does Matter!

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I haven't checked Freddiew's You Tube chanel in a while so I decided to hit it. They specialise in humour filled gun tooting action sequences, and I have to say that these guys are really growing from strength to strength. There are some seriously sweet vids and they have been garnering a fair bit of attention. I'm working on some short films at the moment and these guys have given me a standard to look to and hopefully exceed.

Below are a couple of my favourite Freddiew shorts. The first is an uncut version of a film they made with Shenae Grimes for an interview with NBC. I probably should point out that the main character (Freddie) can't act and It's a little gory, but jokingly so. There is a link to the toned down, televised version at the begining of the short:

The second is a retro-esque summer of love flavoured short:


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